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I have been looking for a good grease exhaust cleaning company for almost 4 years now and have been disappointed by the lack of quality in this industry.  All the companies I have used have charged a fortune for just cleaning the hoods and doing a substandard job on the exhaust ducts and rooftop units.  Some have not even tried to clean the rooftop unit or ever attempt to make it look like they did some work.  Some have even left doors open after their work and left without hooking fryers and grills back up.

Well a few months ago I found a company that was so impressive that I have to tell the rest of you about them.  They put on white paper suits and go into the duct to clean it completely.  When they were done and asked me to inspect it I was flabbergasted.  The unit looked like it was brand new.  They took 125 lbs of grease out of the riser that 3 other companies never took the time to clean.

These guys are impressive.  Please take the time to check your stacks and I am sure some of you will find the same fire hazard that I found from companies that are not doing our stores correctly and charging us a fortune.  I have had them back twice to clean my air handling system and air conditioning coils.  When they are done in the store you would not even know they were there.  They cover everything with plastic and cover the floors with paper runners.  Now the only catch is you can’t have them on 4 of the month end nights.  Those are already mine but you are welcome to the rest of the year!!!!

The company is Quality Maintenance Company at 1087 Entry Drive in Bensenville.
Phone number is 630-860-0955
Owners name is John

P.S.  I normally would not pass this on but these guys really impressed me and I would like to see other McDonalds operators get access to their services

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